Friday, November 20, 2009

Falling Tacos.

Has Anyone heard that Jerry Springer has a place in Sarasota?
I mention this because I'm still waiting for Tonya Harding to move down there and make it a clean sweep.

I;m going through withdrawal because I haven't heard anything about her since she beat that guy in the head with a hubcap at a hoedown.
And what about the poor guy? I don't think there's a better time to sit down for that little heart to heart with yourself. "Good morning. This is your wake-up call, It's from Darwin."

But that's just one persons tiny drama, meaningless except in the bigger picture, which is trying to isolate the exact moment we turned into a trash nation, and nearest I can tell, it was one second after Nancy Kerrigan took a telescoping blackjack to the knee, Now there was a cute little soap opera.

What an absolutely fascinating underwater view into the Kmart inflatable backyard American gene pool. I have a dirty little confession... I Loved it!!! We may have learned everything we need to know about life in kindergarten, But you know what? we can learn everything we need to know about the incredibly rude, selfish, infantile country we've become by observing the human spokes revolving around the Tonya Harding sociocultural axis.

The Greeks reveled in Homeric tragicomedies, the English lived out Shakespearean dramas... But we, America, are the cast of the kerrigan farce, Is it any wonder we've thrown manners, compassion and respect out the window? We've become one big, self -absorbed nation holding up an ice skate, pointing at a broken laces and blubbering our eyes out.

We don't know our neighbors anymore, We have no shame, no consideration, no sense of duty or sacrifice. Need more metaphors? We wont go the extra mile, meet anyone halfway, And IF, somehow, somewhere, anything at all goes in our pathetic daily wanderings, if some random misfortune drops at our feet and splatters like a taco supreme, we don't commence tidying up the floor and getting on with our lives, We start making a litigious radar sweep of the room, seeing if there's anyone in recrimination range, some entitlement cadet to whom we can construct a Bridge-over-the-river-Kwai blame path of tortured logic and sheer, reality sculpting self deception.

Maybe they handled a taco once, maybe even MADE tacos, Maybe they could have warned you--- Yes, they knew all about that treacherously viscous emulsion of grease and sour cream on wax wrapper. They deliberately chose not to say anything as they saw it slipping out of your hand in Peckinpah slow motion while you where trying to eat, talk on the phone, and log on to eBay all at the same time.

Well, here's a news flash for you. Believe it or not, the blacks and the gays and the Jews did not drop your taco, YOU dropped the fucking taco my friend! It doesn't make you a bad person, It doesn't even mean its your fault. What it does mean is that this cosmic slapstick we call life has just elected you the schmuck who has to go get the mop, So get the goddamn mop already! Don't just stand there staring down, reliving the lunch that could have been and trying to figure out how affirmative action did this to you, That's just the way life is, It can be exquisite, cruel, frequently wacky, But above all utterly, UTTERLY random.

Those twin impostors in the bell fringed jester hats, Justice and Fairness--they aren't constants of the natural order like entropy and the periodic table, They're completely alien notions to the way things happen out there in the human rain forest, Justice and fairness are things WE'RE supposed to contribute back to the world for giving us the gift of life, Not Birthrights we should expect and demand every second of the day! What do you say we drop the intellectual cowardice? There is no fate, and there is no safety net, I'm not saying God doesn't exist, I believe in God, But he's not a micro-manager, so stop asking him to drop the crisis in Rwanda and help you find your wallet.

Life is a long, lonely journey down a day-in-day-out lard trail of dropped tacos, MOP IT UP! Not for yourself, but for the guy behind you who's to busy trying not to drop his own tacos to make sure he doesn't slip and fall on YOUR mistakes.

So DON'T speed and weave in traffic, other people have babies in their cars, Don't litter, Don't begrudge the poor because they have fucking food stamps, Don't be rude to overwhelmed minimum wage sales clerks, ESPECIALLY teenagers, they have that job because they don't have a clue, we didn't either at that age, Be understanding with them, share your clues, Remember that your sense of humor is inversely proportional to your intolerance. Stop and think on veterans day, And don't forget to vote, That is, unless you send money to TV preachers, Have more than a passing interest in alien abduction or recently purchased a fish on a wall plaque that sings "Don't worry, be happy." In that case, the polls are a scary scary place! Under every ballot box is a trapdoor chute to an extra-terrestrial escape pod filled with dental tools and squeaking, masturbating little green men from the Devil Star.

In Conclusion, Keep your chins up, grab your mops and get in the game! You don't have to make a pile of money or change society, Just clean up after yourselves without complaining, And above all, please stop and appreciate the days when the tacos don't fall, and give heartfelt thanks to whomever you pray to, I love you all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A soulmate?...I have a taste of some one like that in my life, a hint, a gossamer thread drifting through the darkness in my mind, gently tossed from side to side by the winds of my soul...translucent and glowing, it gently carresses my heart, warming it for a single moment, then quietly floats on, for it has many hearts to touch, and mine isnt meant to be the last.

Its a Dream.