Monday, December 27, 2010

TCB! Ecomom giveaway!

Turning the clock back is having another giveaway! this time for a LOVE chill bag and cooler set by ecomom! heres the link to the blog post! Turning the Clock Back: Ecomom giveaway!

Friday, December 3, 2010

We are assholes.

We are all assholes.Before you stab me in the face, hear me out!

We all act selfish sometimes, we all make decisions that knowingly hurt some one else at least occasionally (or at least don't really take into account somebody's feelings in situations where we really should have), we all lose control and say things we regret at least once in awhile in our lives, and at some point in time all of us have acted petty or mean, with or without good reason, it happens.

Does this make us bad human beings? Does this make us better or worse than anyone else?
No, it makes us Human, it makes us conscious and emotional beings.

The main difference between being a REAL asshole, and just being human is in the amount of introspection you choose to exercise in these situations, and the course of action you choose to take in response, being human is to be in a constant state of change, to learn and adapt, to every day; become something more than what you where the day before, Don't spend your life regretting the past; but do your best to learn from it and change the future.

Something I told a friend awhile ago, that she copied back to me when I was having some problems, it helps bring allot of things into better perspective for me at the moment...

"Life,It always changes, and sometimes it feels like its changed for the worst, but change is neither good or bad, it is a part of living, we don't ever want things to change, but without change, there is no life... Death is the only thing that doesn't change, and THAT is the beauty of life, every day is a new reality, a new chance for beauty and love to enter our life, a realm of unlimited possibilities..."