Friday, November 20, 2009

Falling Tacos.

Has Anyone heard that Jerry Springer has a place in Sarasota?
I mention this because I'm still waiting for Tonya Harding to move down there and make it a clean sweep.

I;m going through withdrawal because I haven't heard anything about her since she beat that guy in the head with a hubcap at a hoedown.
And what about the poor guy? I don't think there's a better time to sit down for that little heart to heart with yourself. "Good morning. This is your wake-up call, It's from Darwin."

But that's just one persons tiny drama, meaningless except in the bigger picture, which is trying to isolate the exact moment we turned into a trash nation, and nearest I can tell, it was one second after Nancy Kerrigan took a telescoping blackjack to the knee, Now there was a cute little soap opera.

What an absolutely fascinating underwater view into the Kmart inflatable backyard American gene pool. I have a dirty little confession... I Loved it!!! We may have learned everything we need to know about life in kindergarten, But you know what? we can learn everything we need to know about the incredibly rude, selfish, infantile country we've become by observing the human spokes revolving around the Tonya Harding sociocultural axis.

The Greeks reveled in Homeric tragicomedies, the English lived out Shakespearean dramas... But we, America, are the cast of the kerrigan farce, Is it any wonder we've thrown manners, compassion and respect out the window? We've become one big, self -absorbed nation holding up an ice skate, pointing at a broken laces and blubbering our eyes out.

We don't know our neighbors anymore, We have no shame, no consideration, no sense of duty or sacrifice. Need more metaphors? We wont go the extra mile, meet anyone halfway, And IF, somehow, somewhere, anything at all goes in our pathetic daily wanderings, if some random misfortune drops at our feet and splatters like a taco supreme, we don't commence tidying up the floor and getting on with our lives, We start making a litigious radar sweep of the room, seeing if there's anyone in recrimination range, some entitlement cadet to whom we can construct a Bridge-over-the-river-Kwai blame path of tortured logic and sheer, reality sculpting self deception.

Maybe they handled a taco once, maybe even MADE tacos, Maybe they could have warned you--- Yes, they knew all about that treacherously viscous emulsion of grease and sour cream on wax wrapper. They deliberately chose not to say anything as they saw it slipping out of your hand in Peckinpah slow motion while you where trying to eat, talk on the phone, and log on to eBay all at the same time.

Well, here's a news flash for you. Believe it or not, the blacks and the gays and the Jews did not drop your taco, YOU dropped the fucking taco my friend! It doesn't make you a bad person, It doesn't even mean its your fault. What it does mean is that this cosmic slapstick we call life has just elected you the schmuck who has to go get the mop, So get the goddamn mop already! Don't just stand there staring down, reliving the lunch that could have been and trying to figure out how affirmative action did this to you, That's just the way life is, It can be exquisite, cruel, frequently wacky, But above all utterly, UTTERLY random.

Those twin impostors in the bell fringed jester hats, Justice and Fairness--they aren't constants of the natural order like entropy and the periodic table, They're completely alien notions to the way things happen out there in the human rain forest, Justice and fairness are things WE'RE supposed to contribute back to the world for giving us the gift of life, Not Birthrights we should expect and demand every second of the day! What do you say we drop the intellectual cowardice? There is no fate, and there is no safety net, I'm not saying God doesn't exist, I believe in God, But he's not a micro-manager, so stop asking him to drop the crisis in Rwanda and help you find your wallet.

Life is a long, lonely journey down a day-in-day-out lard trail of dropped tacos, MOP IT UP! Not for yourself, but for the guy behind you who's to busy trying not to drop his own tacos to make sure he doesn't slip and fall on YOUR mistakes.

So DON'T speed and weave in traffic, other people have babies in their cars, Don't litter, Don't begrudge the poor because they have fucking food stamps, Don't be rude to overwhelmed minimum wage sales clerks, ESPECIALLY teenagers, they have that job because they don't have a clue, we didn't either at that age, Be understanding with them, share your clues, Remember that your sense of humor is inversely proportional to your intolerance. Stop and think on veterans day, And don't forget to vote, That is, unless you send money to TV preachers, Have more than a passing interest in alien abduction or recently purchased a fish on a wall plaque that sings "Don't worry, be happy." In that case, the polls are a scary scary place! Under every ballot box is a trapdoor chute to an extra-terrestrial escape pod filled with dental tools and squeaking, masturbating little green men from the Devil Star.

In Conclusion, Keep your chins up, grab your mops and get in the game! You don't have to make a pile of money or change society, Just clean up after yourselves without complaining, And above all, please stop and appreciate the days when the tacos don't fall, and give heartfelt thanks to whomever you pray to, I love you all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A soulmate?...I have a taste of some one like that in my life, a hint, a gossamer thread drifting through the darkness in my mind, gently tossed from side to side by the winds of my soul...translucent and glowing, it gently carresses my heart, warming it for a single moment, then quietly floats on, for it has many hearts to touch, and mine isnt meant to be the last.

Its a Dream.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

*sigh* draaaama drama drama >.<

Well, one of my "friends" has finally shown his true colors, he has completely snapped, saying things that I have proof are lies, insulting me, the usual bs... And honestly, I feel kinda good that i can now just call the friendship off, I dont need somebody that is so negative in my life, all of his talk about slitting peoples throats, ripping out their guts, burning them alive... I think I shall be quite happy without having to listen to that crap anymore, without having to worry about when he is going to snap and hurt somebody, and without having such a person who's very presence is oppressive hovering around me anymore... I feel good about cutting him out of my life, even if its not the way I would've preferred things to go, its how I need them to be right now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I pity da foo.

"...And one day he would look back upon the fool and know the fool.
Even now he could feel the start of the long journey, the leave-taking, the going-away from the self he had been."-Ray Bradbury

I am a fool, more often than not I react in foolish ways, not always harmful, but pretty much always embarrassing,lol... I used to really hate this aspect of myself, but lately Ive grown to kinda embrace it, well not the harmful aspects of being a fool, but the fact that I am one, and for the most part just about everyone else is, and that in the end all we can hope to do is learn how to laugh at our silly foolish moments, get up during our clumsy foolish moments, and learn to go on living and loving after our truly terrible foolish moments... I guess Ive just come to the realization that you have no chance to beat the fool in you until you accept the fool in you... Dont know if that makes any sense to anybody else,lol, but its a little bit of whats been running through my mind lately...

Friday, October 2, 2009


I just realized I dont really have any, not real ones at least, every single one of them except maybe one of them pretty much thinks they are better than me, thinks ima loser, or worse, who knows, maybe by their standard I am, All I know is that by MY standards I am the best person I can be at this point in my life, I do my best to love others and be there for them, I do the best I can to get by in life with what ive got to work with, and if thats not good enough for them they can kiss my ass...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unagi quest Update: Found Tare

Apparently according to a Japanese guy, I found a website that is supposed to have a really really really awesome authentic Tare recipe on it (the sauce the Unagi is cooked with.) but its all in Japanese (a bit TOO authentic,lol) so now IM searching for somebody that can find and translate the recipe for me...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life can be so beautiful sometimes...

...And im so glad that I have finnaly been reminded of that... I knew it of course, but I really forgot how wonderful those moments can feel, ya know, thats the real danger, forgetting... its so easy to get lost in the pain and the torment, even the everyday difficulties of life can seem to pile up on you like your being buried alive when you have things that are far more difficult to deal with as well...

But in-spite of it all, there are moments of pure beauty and peace that can be found, sometimes when you least expect it... I have been so blessed over this last month or so, I found myself crying earlier when i started to think about it, the upwelling of joy overwhelmed me, and came pouring out in the form of tears...the most wonderful tears ive ever shed...

Ive been blessed lately, with 2 new friends who are some of the awesomest people in the world, and I love them quite dearly, and 1 older friend whom we didnt talk much but started talking more lately and have become a bit closer I think, she is a total sweetheart, a complete Angel, and I love her quite dearly as well, she I.M.ed this to me earlier:)

"hands you a cup of tea somewhat sad it's only words on a screen and not a real cup of tea...but I suppose if you stood back from that perspective it would just be tea in a cup which is actually lots of little bits of things we don't even really understand called energy which is also what words on a screen consist of."

I found it quite beautiful...and it touched me greatly.

Then there is the fact that somehow, from a garage sale, and some other stuff, I have managed to get together enough money to finally be able to fix my car!!!

And a friend of mine whom I was involved with romantically for a short while, has landed me a job as a respite provider for her oldest son who has autism!!! its so awesome to get payed to do something you love doing anyways! and he is such an awesome kid:D

ohh, and another blessing, at the last few bonfires ive been to its been so beautiful... the way the moon glinted off the water, the mist surrounding it all, the beach, the fire the friends... it was pretty awesome and beautiful:D:D:D

Im getting pretty tired now though, so I think I shall cut this blog shorter than I originally intended...I can always post more later =^_^=

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have to say I love Unagi, probably more than I should, I have been spoiled when it comes to unagi however, I once befriended a Japanese man in a super market sushi stand who could barely speak english, according to him I was the only friend he had made in the entire 9 years or so he had lived in our country, He would frequently make special rolls for me, he made my favorite, california rolls for me many times, untill one day he convinced me to try a roll with unagi, it was some really delicious stuff... I moved back to california due to my mothers illness, sent him a letter once but never heard back from him, I think of him now everytime I eat Unagi, which is rarely cause unagi is expensive... But I think of him and wonder why such a great guy like him was able to go for so long without making any friends, I know there are allot of bigots in the south (this was in Tennesee) But I mean, he was such a quiet and calm and just really all around nice guy...

I ate Unagi a few weeks ago and Ive been beating myself up ever since, Because I have forgotten his name, the friendless man who was such a good friend to me when I had no friends either at the time, some morning after id get off work id go to hangout with him at his work and we would talk for hours, he loved talking about anything cause it helped him practice his english... I thought Id go and find out how to make Unagi myself so I could make it a regular thing, make unagi, make some sushi rolls with it, and eat it and remember my friend... But I cant even remember his name, but oh well, I dont suppose the name matters to much, its only a label that has nothing to do with who a person is, I will forever remember him for his kindnes and friendship, and If I can just find a how to guide somewhere on how to make Unagi, I will make it in honor of him every single time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new road with an uncertain destination.

Almost everything is about the same in my life at the moment, its been a tough month, but I've learned many things from it, and in some ways its been one of the most centering months of my life, I've learned allot about myself in this time as well, although it is rather daunting understanding how much I really have left to learn...

I've been procrastinating on allot of major decisions lately mostly because I'm completely unsure what to do, but I hope to change that soon.

I've let go of many things this last month, things that didn't matter, things that did, guilt from things that I shouldn't feel guilty for, and for things I should feel guilty for, dreams I've held on to for most of my life, even some dreams newly formed... And my soul feels lighter for it, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface yet of all the things I want to/need to let go, I'm sure that goal will elude me till I learn to stop chasing it, but that is easier said than done...

A short while ago I was convinced that killing myself was the only way to get rid of all the things I just couldn't shake, although I've not been able to completely let go of yet much of the feelings that culminated in such a drastic belief, I no longer feel like ending things the easy way, working things out in my heart and learning to live even if its not the way I want that life to be has come to seem like a new sort of adventure to me, a road I'm not entirely sure of, a road that in many ways I'm rather scared of, but a road I am now eager to travel.

There will be new updates soon...hopefully good ones,lol

Monday, June 8, 2009

down time...

well obviously I haven't been writing on here in a long time, My computer died and I had no Internet access, I'm back on here now mostly because I know nobody reads this anymore, I'm at a dead end in my life at the moment, I seem to have no options, and as hard as I try to stay positive about things, its difficult for me to not think about taking the easy way out, I dont even know where to start, I just know I need to get this out somewhere...

I've spent most of my life with everyone I know telling me more or less that I will never amount to anything, telling me that my hopes and dreams are foolish because I don't have the ability to attain them, and I've spent most of my life convincing myself that they are full of shit and that if I work hard enough I can accomplish anything I want... But here I am, 25, cant even get a job, the only woman who Ive been able to foster a close relationship with in years gets impregnated by a random Guy she met on the bus, and then tries to convince me to be that child's father legally and otherwise, then days after asking that of me, blows me off for a bum, literally a bum, he lives in a tent... Although I have to say he does seem like a pretty decent guy in spite of his drug issues, I like him so its not quite as difficult to deal with...

Id say that the most difficult part of what I'm going through right now though is the loneliness, I have no support from any of my friends or family, in fact I have the opposite, and time and again I meet women who seem really awesome, they go on and on about how awesome they think I am, and then one day, out of nowhere, they just disappear, they go from thinking I'm the awesomest guy ever to not wanting to have anything to do with me, with out any explanation... I understand I'm not the catch of the century, And I don't care if they don't want to be romantically involved with me... I just don't understand how they can think so highly of me one minute, then not even want to be friends with me the next... Although I do have to mention that it tends to happen every time right after they meet another guy...but that seems like a pretty stupid reason to not want to be friends with somebody...

In the end though I think I cold be ok with any of this stuff if I cold just do SOMETHING, every single plan I come up with, everything I try to do, it all goes to shit... no matter how hard I try nothing I do works out, everything I do is a complete failure, My family, my friends, everyone...they where all right... and the sad part about it all is that its not even like Ive been aiming for something crazy, all I want from life is to be able to find a decent job, and to help others, if those two could be combined, it would be even better... and hopefully id like to find some real true good love, or at least some companionship and understanding... I don't strive for much in life, I'm a pretty simple guy, but no matter how hard a try it just doesn't seem to be enough...I'm just tired of trying, Ive given up, my life has come down to nothing more than waiting for death, and I'm starting to grow tired of waiting...