Sunday, January 17, 2010

random thoughts...

Im tired but I cant sleep, I'm hungry but I cant eat, Ive got a million things to say, but I cant speak... It seems to be the mantra of my life, cant cant cant... right now I feel like I cant even come close to describing exactly what I mean, but maybe all these "cants" in my life are just "wont's"... maybe I don't know how to do something yet, or express things the way I want , but saying I "cant" wont get me any closer, it only serves to limit me I think... maybe I should start saying "I don't know how yet!" or "I'm almost able to sleep." maybe it wont be for another day or two, but I will still find sleep eventually... And even if I am unable at the moment to get the meaning of my words across to those I'm speaking to, maybe I eventually will be able to...

Or maybe I cant do anything the way I want, so I'll have to adjust my wants to the needs of each individual situation... Who knows... I'm just thinking out-loud...well, quietly out-loud, as this is typed, and I don't type very loud... hahaha (can you sense the sleep deprivation?lol)


Lady Astor said...

I have been reading your latest posts, got in though networked blogs.
I´m sensing a need to transcend, to see the world maybe? Are you sure that joining the navy will do that for you?
Agreed you will change many things about your life, you will end up a changed man. But are you sure that is your path?
Believe me I have had a very tough life, and things almost never pan out the way I planned them. Even as, much like yourself, I always knew what I wanted.
Hope this finds you well.

Lady A

Curator said...

the only path one has is the one they are on... I have faith that wherever I go or whatever I do, its the path I belong on, certain parts of the path just might not end up being places I want to