Friday, March 5, 2010


Its an unpleasant feeling, I haven't felt this angry in a very long time, and I really don't like it, feeling like you really WANT to cause harm to another human being feels really terrible, I probably dislike it more than just about any other feeling Ive ever felt... But when a man repeatedly disrespects you, and even more importantly, talks about the woman you love like she is a piece of meat, it becomes very difficult to resist the urge to get angry, when he continued his behavior after I made it clear I found it highly inappropriate, it made me more angry, especially considering the fact that in-spite of how he has treated me the last few times we have hung out, I have been quite friendly and nice and polite to him... im starting to wonder if he is purposely trying to invite physical violence from me...and honestly, I may give him his wish soon if he cant learn some respect, not out of anger hopefully, but to show him that his actions have consequences and I will not allow his behavior to continue if he wishes to be anywhere near me.

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