Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life can be so beautiful sometimes...

...And im so glad that I have finnaly been reminded of that... I knew it of course, but I really forgot how wonderful those moments can feel, ya know, thats the real danger, forgetting... its so easy to get lost in the pain and the torment, even the everyday difficulties of life can seem to pile up on you like your being buried alive when you have things that are far more difficult to deal with as well...

But in-spite of it all, there are moments of pure beauty and peace that can be found, sometimes when you least expect it... I have been so blessed over this last month or so, I found myself crying earlier when i started to think about it, the upwelling of joy overwhelmed me, and came pouring out in the form of tears...the most wonderful tears ive ever shed...

Ive been blessed lately, with 2 new friends who are some of the awesomest people in the world, and I love them quite dearly, and 1 older friend whom we didnt talk much but started talking more lately and have become a bit closer I think, she is a total sweetheart, a complete Angel, and I love her quite dearly as well, she I.M.ed this to me earlier:)

"hands you a cup of tea somewhat sad it's only words on a screen and not a real cup of tea...but I suppose if you stood back from that perspective it would just be tea in a cup which is actually lots of little bits of things we don't even really understand called energy which is also what words on a screen consist of."

I found it quite beautiful...and it touched me greatly.

Then there is the fact that somehow, from a garage sale, and some other stuff, I have managed to get together enough money to finally be able to fix my car!!!

And a friend of mine whom I was involved with romantically for a short while, has landed me a job as a respite provider for her oldest son who has autism!!! its so awesome to get payed to do something you love doing anyways! and he is such an awesome kid:D

ohh, and another blessing, at the last few bonfires ive been to its been so beautiful... the way the moon glinted off the water, the mist surrounding it all, the beach, the fire the friends... it was pretty awesome and beautiful:D:D:D

Im getting pretty tired now though, so I think I shall cut this blog shorter than I originally intended...I can always post more later =^_^=

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